WA Designers, I am in awe of you

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Last night I headed down to Story Boutique {at Floreat Forum here in Perth} where I had the privilege of meeting many of the VERY talented designers whose work is featured in the store. I came away both inspired and in awe of these people. When you’re browsing through the markets, you’re often in such a rush to get around and see everything that you don’t really get to have a good chat with the designer much less stop and really savour their work. Last night presented a wonderful opportunity to speak with the designers and find out more about them and I had the BEST time! I also had a cold and it appears I took the ‘chatting’ bit to the extreme because today I have literally lost my voice. Oh my goodness ….

Anyway, not only is WA full of super talented designers, but they are also super lovely people. Many of them have featured here in the blog before so today I’d like to introduce you to some new faces!

Mel from Kijuuki - Origami Paper Crane Art

This is Mel. She has the longest legs of anyone I know and is gorgeous inside and out. She pointed out something inside the store to me and wondered aloud at the artist’s patience. Which made me think to to myself “oh my goodness, you fold thousands of tiny origami paper cranes every day – I think that requires a bit of patience!”

Danica who is a contemporary ceramic artist

I didn’t get a chance to have a good chat with Danica which was a shame because I really wanted to find out more about her craft. Her ceramic creations are gorgeous and unique and I saw many people oohing and aahing over them on the night!

Robin from Estella Designs

Robin Wells is a very talented jeweller and I am particularly in love with her etched and anodised aluminium sterling silver jewellery here. Estella Designs is her fun, fashionable, colourful and affordable collection, created for people just like me who love her work, but can’t necessarily afford it!! I have already ordered some little earrings from Robin – they are so sweet and BRIGHT! Love them!

Tania Claire of Tania Claire jewellery

Did I have jewellery on my mind last night? How could I not! Look at the beautiful glass creations above which are hand made by Tania in her workshop. The time and talent that goes into this glass work boggles my mind while the lady herself? Well she is just delightful.

Elecia from Two Crowns Headwear

Equally delightful was Elecia from Two Crowns Headwear. I always get a little intimidated by beautifully presented people but Elecia was so sweet. Her stunning fascinators had me itching to frock up and head to the races!

Lovely stuff from Angel Ms

I thought I had taken a picture of Gaelle from Angel Ms but it appears I only dreamed that I did (cold and flu tablets do make you a bit of a space cadet). No matter. I spent that much time in the store pointing at things and going “where is that top from” and “who made that bag” only for the reply to be “Angel Ms” that it would be remiss of me NOT to share some of her stuff with you. Angel Ms products are the result of a fairtrade project in Bali. In Gaelle’s own words it is “a lifestyle brand of women’s wear, children’s wear and homeware mixing traditional balinese skills and textiles with a western fashion edge.” Yes, it really does and it is all gorgeous. I wish I had a picture of the bags that caught my eye – it took all manner of self-restraint to get in the car and go home without said bag in my possession. I can’t stop thinking about it though so I suspect I might be heading back to Story for it sometime soon!

How cute is this?!

Finally, before I go, I MUST share this gorgeous little top from Little Calamity. I HAD to buy it for my two year old despite the fact that buying a white top for a little boy is the height of optimism. I don’t know whether it was Jane or Emma from Little Calamity that I met really briefly on my way out last night … but girls … too sweet!!



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