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Well hello everyone and welcome to Thursday! Today’s the day where I share some of what’s been going on in the world of pretty businesses. I’ve got a heap to get through today so without further ado …

Two very fun things I have been working on:

That Cath from Leaf Journals is a bit clever. She’s put her eco credentials to good work and managed to secure the licensing rights from dirtgirlworld to create a scrapbook just like dirtgirl’s! Even better, she took me along for ride and it’s been a pleasure being able to put my designer hat back on for this project.We’re both thrilled with how everything has turned out and there is a bit of a sneak peek for you below. If you’ve got any dirtgirl fans in the house then pre-order your scrapbook now to receive a free GROW journal expansion pack. Just click on the image below (oh and make sure to us this code LKMEDGWP1).

The other fun thing I have been working on is some packaging design for Nadia from Pear Tree Products. Thanks to Nadia’s art direction the new labels are gorgeous (check them out below). They will be unveiled at the Mosman Park Eco Fair next week Saturday (the day before Mother’s Day y’all!) so if you’re in the area, get on down and see them in real life!

Two awesome websites to check out

I’ve been following Paula Joye’s Lifestyled website for a while and last week she launched a new look. I can’t tell you how many times I have been disappointed by a ‘website revamp’ but this time, I was thrilled. Whoever the designer for the site was deserves many, many kudos. Paula’s blog is all about the imagery and the new design really makes them the hero.

Speaking of making images the hero, I am totally in love with my friend Maz’s new site –¬† In fact it was Maz that gave me the idea of doing magazine style spread blog posts which lead to me starting back up with I love pretty things! So you guys owe her big time ;) Go check out her website now!

One very gorgeous set of Pinterest boards:

If you love Pinterest as much as I do, you’re going to love the gorgeous boards from Jet and Ruby. I know I do!

One stunning new product range

Eilish from Shashen Jewels has just released her beautiful Motherlove collection featuring two gorgeous birthstones, one small and one large to represent mother and child. Love it!

One giant piece of congratulations

Justine Barsley, founder of Perth Upmarket was a winner at the WA Business News 40 under 40 awards in February this year. I know that’s going back a couple of months but it’s kind of a big deal here in Perth so she deserves a big shoutout! Well done Justine!

And one lovely little eco sale

My friends Justine and Robin from the Eco Shop are dissolving the store so they can concentrate on their own labels (eco peko and Robin Gage designs respectively). They’re having a clearance sale at a friend’s house¬†Thursday May 3rd at 11am at 77 Fairfield Street, Mt Hawthorn so get on down for some great bargains, a preview of new stuff from their labels and also some lovely morning and afternoon tea!

And that’s it from me today guys. Whew – that was a big one! Till next week, laters dudes ;)

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3 Responses

  1. Kelly

    Thank you for the mention. Motherlove continues to surprise me how much people love them and people’s configurations. Lots of fathers birthstones are being included which is delightful.

    Congrats on the new packaging. It’s beautiful and elegant. I love it

    x Eilish

  2. Love that packaging job – gorgeous. Sad to hear the Eco Shop is closing up too :( Thanks for the shout out hun!