Do your walls need a new outfit?

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For as long as I can remember I have had an obsession with prints – you know, the kind you frame and put on your walls. This obsession is in direct conflict with my natural decorating personality which is best described as minimalist meets zen. So while I am constantly buying gorgeous wall art, I have nowhere to put the darn things because all my walls at home are at ‘capacity’.

So that’s why I have decided to create a wall for myself right here on the blog today and have got to work dressing it up with pieces I have fallen in love with over the last year or so.

1. Art is just frozen music “The Moral Is” Fine Art Print 8×11 via Down That Little Lane – $40.00

2. Almond Tree Designs I love you to the stars and moon – $29.95

3. Tangerine Meg Black and White Cat in the Garden – From $5.00

4. Mokoh Design Telephone Lines Print – From $25

5. Printspace Little One’s Umbrella Art Print – $30

6. Jess Winch HARMONY handcoloured lino print with gold & silver leaf {Available from Gallery Aloft from 9th May 2012}

7. Little Branch Autumn Jasmin Print - $35.00

8. Nomuu Flissy The Hippie Bunny Rabbit in The Forest – $16.00

9. The Smile Collective – A Manifesto for Mums – $20.00 {sorry being cheeky here but it would be silly to talk about prints and not put my own stuff in … right?!}

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  1. I love the Manifesto for Mums. We have the Manifesto for Kids on my son’s wall. So inspiring. I think I’ll have to get the Mum one for my office!
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