One for the stationery addicts

If you are a lover of pretty things then that pretty much guarantees you love stationery. And if you are like me you have way more beautiful notebooks, gorgeous pens and lovely paper than you could ever hope to use. But does that stop you buying even more gorgeous stationery? Doubt it!!

Here are some ideas to get you started on your next stationery shopping expedition. You’re welcome ;)

1. Dizzy Wizzy Design Wedding Stationery From $3 each

2. Little Branch Rose Stem Gift Wrap from Presse Papiers – $6

3. Mitchell and Dent You Are Yummy Gift Card $5.95

4. Rosehip Flip Top Note Cards from Little Paper Lane $22.95

5. Bakers Twine Letterpress Peony Flower Journal Notebook $12.00

6. Zetta Florence Decorative Box Set – Bird Ephemera $62.73

7. Leaf Journals Kids Stuff Journal $21.95

8. ELM Stationery BOTANIC CARD & TAG SET – BLUE $28.95

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