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Let’s see – it’s been what, at least seven days since I talked up a talented WA designer, so clearly it’s time to introduce you to another.

It took roughly four degrees of separation to bring me to the Little Miso Store on Etsy. Which is a lot of degrees in the small world that is Perth!

It started at Perth Upmarket where I bought a sweet little gift card from the Made of Awesome collective. This lead me to the Made of Awesome blog, where I saw some really cute lasercut ‘wearables’. So I followed the yellow brick road to the blog of Janice Law (aka Little Miso) and from there it was a short hop to her Etsy shop where I found …

This wooden feather is lasercut from sustainable American cherrywood and has light engraved detail. Anyone need a feather in their cap?!
Loving these two delicate lasercut wooden keys. The larger key has 'Take Me' inscribed on it while 'Home' is engraved on the smaller key.
Pin a pun to your chest with this gorgeous little lightbulb and brighten someone's day
Inspired by flower petal shapes and patterns in nature, these Lily Wood Necklaces were transformed from pen and ink drawings to lasercut wearables. And I luv em. And I luv the illustration in the background too!
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  1. hi kelly, thanks so much for your post! i’m so happy you like my creations :)
    have a great day,
    janice x