Get your Mother’s Day on with Down That Little Lane

Early last year when I first found the delightful little Down that Little Lane blog I knew, just knew that I had found a bit of a kindred spirit in the lovely Tessa. Since then, Tessa and I have had many reasons to suspect we were separated at birth and I was lucky enough to finally meet her in real life last month. And yes, she is as gorgeous in real life as she is online.

Now, Down that Little Lane isn’t just a beautiful blog, it is also a gorgeous online store filled with many, many pretty things. Which makes it the most logical place to look to when compiling my first spread for the new look I love pretty things I reckon! So, with Mother’s Day only three weeks away, here’s a few cool little ideas for you!


1. Jane Clarbour, Felt bag with asymmetrical handle ~ $50

2. Naughts and Crosses, Envelope Secret Tin Storage Case ~ $6.95

3. French76, Lantic Bay Necklace Handmade ~ $40

4. bRainbow, Wooden Squirrel Earrings ~ $22

5. One French Summer, Savon Range Hand Soap Pump Bottle ~ $35

6. Belle Bijoux Australia, Giselle ~ $499

7. monkeys always look, Copper Wide Band Personalised Ring ~ $43.00

8. Septembre Vintage Ceramics, Ceramic porcelain necklace – Les papillons ~$36

9. nickprints, New York, New York ~ $57


So tell me, what’s your favourite?

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  1. Virginia Mason says

    So glad to see you in my inbox again Kelly! I love that shop – they have cool things for every body. I think I deserve the Belle Bijoux Australia, Giselle handbag this Mother’s Day ;-)