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The Little Tackers Journals

Well hello everyone - I am back from (not so sunny) Melbourne and am ... exhausted. So I am recycling a post from December last year when most of you weren't reading this blog yet! Two reasons for this re-cycle: The lovely Cath of Leaf Journals is from Melbourne and is one of the loveliest people I have 'met' through this blog - but not in real life. If not for the fact that I was travelling with friends, catching up with her in Melbourne would have been high on my priority list. She … [Read more...]

Another reason to love Mozi

Mozi in the bedroom? Don't mind if I do!

I love Mozi stuff. It is the VERY definition of pretty and is the perfect gift for say ... "anyone who is female". If you ignore my penchant for long, hot showers, I do however have an environmental conscience so I have always looked at Mozi stuff and thought "super, MEGA pretty packaging ... but a beautiful box to hold a tube of moisturiser? That's a lot of extra landfill." But then I actually read the side of one of their boxes the other day and I saw that where possible, their packaging … [Read more...]

Oh Paper Runway how I love thee. Let me count the ways

The cover ... and the DRESS!

Paper Runway is a wonderful collaboration between the very talented Nikki from Paper Scissors Rock Stationery and Maree Oaten from Little Branch. It is an ode to paper goodness, ‘where passion meets paper’. As a designer, it’s one of those rare things you pick up and think ‘I wish I did this, it’s awesome’! So what did I love most about the launch issue of Paper Runway? 1. The Cover Styled by Nikki the model is wearing a paper dress fashioned out of Little Branch wrapping paper. Hair – … [Read more...]

Gorgeous gift wrapping with brown paper

Electrical Tape + Brown Paper = Burberry!!! Awesome! {Courtesy of http://www.recyclart.org}

So now you've had a chance to browse through the super cool I love pretty things Mother's Day catalogue and you've picked out a few items for your mum (or for yourself!). So now ... how are you going to wrap these pretty things up?! I love brown paper for wrapping because it is such a blank canvas and you can do so much with it! Want some ideas? Your wish is my command ;) … [Read more...]

Mmm method. Clean AND good looking!

Method multisurface. Ok so a flower won't grow in there. But it was too pretty a shot not to include!

Looking for somewhere to go after owl-ing it up for the last week, inspiration was found in my bathroom and most specifically, my method daily shower spray. What's that? You've not heard of method? Well listen up! The result of a unique partnership between Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan, method products are not only environmentally friendly, they work well and most importantly (for this blog anyway!) they look good. No need to hide these guys under the sink or in the cupboard, they can sit … [Read more...]

Wearable art from Sweet Bestiary

Bunny Pocket Mirror

I flew back into Perth from Sydney on Tuesday night, pretty exhausted from four flat out days of family fun followed by the joy of having a big boofa, 18 month old boy first wriggling then sitting then finally sleeping in my lap for four hours (not sure how that happened ... I am pretty sure when we decided not to book a seat for Jaden it was on the condition that he sat on my husband's lap!). So anyway ...  it was lovely to arrive home to find a little package from my very sweet neighbour on … [Read more...]

Urban Rituelle – Everyday indulgence that won’t break the bank

Beachcomber Coconut and Ginger Body Butter - $19.95

As you know, I love beautiful packaging and can easily be persuaded to buy pretty much anything if it looks beautiful. The product range from Urban Rituelle was created for people just like me but with the added bonus that their products are not only beautiful, but are of the highest quality too. Established in Sydney in 1999 by Leanne Haining and Scott Kelly, Urban Rituelle now distribute their products all over the world including New Zealand, the US and Canada, Japan and Thailand. Their … [Read more...]

give me MOR any day!

The Mor Gift box - love it love it love it!

When I think pretty, I think MOR. These guys have set THE gold standard in product packaging and it's all I can do to stop their beautiful product range from lightening my wallet. This particular gift box is first among equals. The beautiful tin box will last forever and what's contained inside is almost a bonus: 1x 125ml Hand & Nail cream 1x 180gr Soap bar 1x 13gr Lip Balm … [Read more...]