My friend Malini has a new website!

Waiting for Grace (ii)

Just over one year ago I started this blog and because of it, can now call MANY new people a friend - people who I would never have come across or had the opportunity to connect with in a million years. One of those people is the truly wonderful artist Malini Parker whose work was brought to my attention by her niece who is a friend of one of my graphic designers at Swish Design. If you live in Perth, you would know that this is a very Perth way of coming across new people! Over the past year … [Read more...]

Jess Winch and the wonderful world of printmaking

Ara - Collagraph print with gold leaf

If you’ve been reading along here for a while, you will know that I love artists of all persuasions but I don’t think I have ever introduced you to a printmaker before. When I studied Art in high school, we got to try printmaking ourselves and I just loved it. The clean lines, the simplicity and the soothing exercise of etching out bits of lino to create my pattern and design - I actually found myself hankering to do a bit of printmaking just the other day! Also, I sucked at drawing and painting … [Read more...]

From Sydney via Shropshire – Enoch and Plonk!

Boom Dress

Carrying on in our series of interviews of cool businesses I have been following for a while, today I have for you Nicola from Enoch and Plonk. Nicola's bright designs (both clothing and art) can't help but catch the eye and I was very intrigued to find out more about the personality behind the brand! Take it away Nicola! What is your creative background? I spent most of my time as a kid making stuff....making anything out of whatever I could get my hands on.  If my dad was out in his workshop … [Read more...]

Lovely Little Miso

Lasercut wooden feather brooch with light engraved details. Feather is lasercut from sustainable american cherrywood.

Let's see - it's been what, at least seven days since I talked up a talented WA designer, so clearly it's time to introduce you to another. It took roughly four degrees of separation to bring me to the Little Miso Store on Etsy. Which is a lot of degrees in the small world that is Perth! It started at Perth Upmarket where I bought a sweet little gift card from the Made of Awesome collective. This lead me to the Made of Awesome blog, where I saw some really cute lasercut 'wearables'. So I … [Read more...]

Twine and Teacups make your walls happy


A big thank you to Kristy at Ribryba for putting me on to Twine and Teacups this week. Lured by their intriguing name to check out their facebook page what did I find there but a selection of super sweet giclee prints. I am a bit of a print addict and have a fair selection of them at home stored away waiting for their chance at glory. So I was in browsing heaven looking through the Twine and Teacups website! … [Read more...]

Is there a prettier city than Paris? Non …

Art in Paris ... it is EVERYWHERE!

Before we had babies, I cut a deal with my husband. I wanted to run one more marathon and I wanted to go to Europe. I figured opportunities to pursue both these things post baby would be limited (and three years on, it seems I was right!) So off to Paris we went killing two birds with one very expensive stone. I arrived two days ahead of my parents and three ahead of hubby giving me much opportunity to explore the city on my own (and tire my legs out in the days leading up to the marathon). I … [Read more...]

Artist Profile – Lisa Congdon


Thanks to twitter and Holly from Decor8, a couple of weeks ago I came across the beautiful work of San Francisco illustrator and fine artist Lisa Congdon. Growing up in upstate New York and Northern California Lisa loved the trees and animals that surrounded her and as you will see below these are the subjects of her paintings and drawings. I am not sure what it is about Lisa's work that calls to me - it is quite stark yet beautiful.  The best word I can use to describe her work is … [Read more...]

Covet Monday

The only reason I ever wish I was (money) rich is because I love art and wish I had the means to purchase it. I fell in love with the work of Malini Parker the minute I saw it and now that I have met the lovely lady in person, well I love her work even more. This piece is called Emergence. In you're in Perth, you can see the real thing at The Naked Fig in Swanbourne

In my travels around the web looking for stuff to tell you about here at I love pretty things, I of course stumble across many, many beautiful things. And there's certain things I just keep going back to with a sigh of "if only I had a money tree". They are the things I don't NEED, but boy do I ever WANT them. So today I thought I'd share :) PS I felt it was time to give the I love pretty things website a facelift. Have a look and let me know what you think!! … [Read more...]

Love window shopping? Then you’ll love Little Indigo!

And I reckon my little man would look super posh in this Button Design Grey Wool Vest! $39.95

One of my favourite shops to keep an eye on is Little Indigo. Admittedly I am yet to make a purchase (sorry Jo - don't you hate people who love your stuff yet never buy!!) but there is so much gorgeous goodness in there it's a window shopper's dream come true! She stocks a huge range of goodies from clothing and decorating to eating and sleeping products and of course my favourite ... mmmm stationery! I do love Little Indigo! … [Read more...]

Oh Paper Runway how I love thee. Let me count the ways

The cover ... and the DRESS!

Paper Runway is a wonderful collaboration between the very talented Nikki from Paper Scissors Rock Stationery and Maree Oaten from Little Branch. It is an ode to paper goodness, ‘where passion meets paper’. As a designer, it’s one of those rare things you pick up and think ‘I wish I did this, it’s awesome’! So what did I love most about the launch issue of Paper Runway? 1. The Cover Styled by Nikki the model is wearing a paper dress fashioned out of Little Branch wrapping paper. Hair – … [Read more...]