A very Pinterest Christmas

Well it’s just over a week till Christmas but I’ve decided to start my ‘holiday’ a little bit early! I am going to take a bloggy break for the next 3 or so weeks but look forward to seeing you all in the New Year with a slightly new direction for I love pretty things.  If you think you’re going to miss me too much feel free to pop over to my personal blog ;)

In the meantime, how about some Christmas wrapping ideas to finish off the year? I am a huge fan of brown paper with embellishments so here you go. Merry Christmas everyone!

{img http://pinterest.com/pin/80009330849679905/}


{img http://pinterest.com/pin/80009330849679902/}


{img http://pinterest.com/pin/80009330849679899/}


{img http://pinterest.com/pin/80009330849679896/}

{img http://pinterest.com/pin/80009330849679888/}


Not brown paper I know - but how beautiful are these colours!! {img http://pinterest.com/pin/80009330849679898/}

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