Something borrowed and something new


Ooh that's a bit of a intriguing headline isn't it! Apologies for missing my usual post on Tuesday but I am off to Bali next week Tuesday (hooooray!) and I have a mountain of work to get through before I can get on that plane. You know what I love about planes? No internet. No choice but to kick back and relax. And you know what I love about Bali? It's WARM!! Which is awesome because winter is no friend of mine. Whoah .... I just totally went all stream of consciousness there! Sorry about … [Read more...]

There are some things that can only be cured by handbag shopping


I am not even going to try and write some kind of witty intro to this week's spread because right now I am engaged in that most wonderful battle parents the world over call 'sleep training'. Anyone who is a close friend of mine will gasp here. "Sleep training Kelly? But you are THE sleep-nazi". Yes, that's right, THE sleep-nazi has gone fully soft. It's a long story but somewhere over the last few months J's whole bedtime routine has gone from bedtime story > kiss goodnight > go to … [Read more...]

When I get sad I go online shopping


So on Sunday I didn't make it to Perth Upmarket, and that was mainly because I was a bit sad. We have been looking after two dogs for the last three weeks and finally on Saturday we found them some new owners. We made arrangements to drop them off at their new home on Sunday and thus spent the whole of Saturday mooching around at home cuddling with them and wishing that our 5x3 back deck area would suddenly morph into something resembling a back yard. The fact that their new owners have a … [Read more...]

June Perth Upmarket Preview #2


Did you happen to miss yesterday's post? If you did, you missed a whole bunch of gorgeousness that is going to be on show at the University of WA this Sunday 24th June. Yep it's Perth Upmarket time again and for those of us who love pretty things, there will be much too ooh and aah over this weekend - I can't wait!!! One preview post simply wasn't enough of a sneak peek so today we're going for round two! Bec from BHO bags and purses will be introducing her NEW laser engraved leather … [Read more...]

June Perth Upmarket Preview #1


What's there to do in Perth when the weather is miserable and you need something to brighten up your days? Why head to a wonderful art and craft market of course! And talk about perfect timing, this Sunday the June Perth Upmarket is on. One of the best things about this blog is that I have got the chance to meet so many of the lovely people in the Perth handmade and creative community and I am constantly amazed at the depth of their talent. So today I would like to introduce you to some of the … [Read more...]

If I got to have morning tea with Julia Gillard


Last week some of my bloggy friends got to have morning tea with our Prime Minister Julia Gillard and in doing so provoked feelings of insane jealousy in me. What a cool opportunity! What a great country we live in! While this morning tea was simply a (very clever) PR exercise for the PM with little opportunity for the individual bloggers to raise or ask thorny questions, it did get me thinking about what I would have said to JG if I had been in attendance at that morning tea. Unlike many … [Read more...]

Dreaming of blue skies


It's safe to say it's been a hairy and stormy few days here in Perth and apparently there is plenty more of that to come. In fact my poor husband is out running right now and it has just started to pour again! Anyway, in honour of the blue skies that I am missing already AND because blue is my favourite colour, today's spread has a blue theme :) Hope you're all having a lovely Tuesday! 1. Cloud Love Baby Blue Rain Cloud Shorts - via Madeit $25.00 2. Nuichan Navy Blue Maxi Dress - Via … [Read more...]

The Creative Business Co is working hard for pretty businesses


Today's post is for all the pretty businesses out there! I met Elle Roberts on twitter a little while ago and was immediately struck by her passion and energy. She is the owner of The Creative Business Co which is all about educating creatives in the art of business. She is also the brains behind The Artful Business Conference (being held in Brisbane in September) which boasts an amazing line-up of speakers including Tara Gentile of Scoutie Girl fame and Megan Auman from Designing an MBA. I … [Read more...]

In honour of winter we’re going grey


So today's post was supposed to be a grey + baby blue colour palette but as you can see from the below, it didn't turn out that way. Given we've just entered the winter months her in Oz, perhaps it is quite appropriate that it ended up all grey - I hear you Melburnians have been seeing a fair bit of this colour this week ;) Happy Tuesday everyone! 1. Madison Grace Designs - Grey Rosette Clip 2. Sienna and Sydney - Jellycat Scamp Pup - $40 via Down that Little Lane 3. Estella Designs - … [Read more...]

Love me a bit of yellow and grey


I've seen the yellow and grey colour combination popping up a bit lately. I am not sure if it is because I love it, so I notice it more ... or whether it is because lots of other people are putting it out there. Whatever the reason, I DO love it and have become a tiny bit obsessed with it lately. So today is a celebration of this very stylish colour combination! 1. Rainy day - Girl with yellow umbrella on a gray day - Illustration print -  Approximately $19.91 USD 2. Business Card Holder - … [Read more...]